Transactions: Introduction

The Society has published its Journal, the Transactions, annually since 1913. They are an important and substantial record of the history of the Island and are extensively used by children, students and researchers at all levels of education as well as by interested individuals.

They can seen in many Libraries and Archives in North Wales and in a number of university libraries in England and Wales.

An Index to the Transactions for the period 1913-1985 was published by Society in 1987 to celebrate its 75th anniversary. It was compiled by Mr. Dewi O Jones, F.L.A., who served the Society as its Honorary Secretary between 1961-1982 and as Life Vice-President between 1983-2005. A copy of the Introduction to the Index is available here.

The 1913-1985 Index has been digitised and is now available on the Society’s web site.

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Copies of the 1987 published Index and some back numbers of the Transactions are available from the Publications Officer (

If you are not able to look up a reference in your own copy of the Transactions or at your local library you can use the Inter-Library Loan system to request copies of articles. The copyright of each article is held by the author and so before a copy can be made you will need to sign a declaration that you will not use the copy for any purpose other than research for a non-commercial purpose or for private study – ask at your local library.

If you are unable to obtain a copy via your library service you can make a request for a copy direct from the Society. There will be a charge of £5.00 to defray the cost of making and supplying the copy. To make a direct request download a copyright declaration form and return it to the Hon Secretary.

The Society acknowledges the generous support it has received over many years from the Isle of Anglesey County Council and the former Anglesey Borough Council in the form of grant aid towards the cost of printing.

The Society also gratefully acknowledges the work done by the Editors

Past Editors:

  • Rev William Pritchard; 1912 – 1920
  • Rev E. P. Powell; 1912 – 1923
  • Hugh Owen; 1921 – 1938
  • Lady G. Nesta Evans; 1938 – 1954
  • W. Ogwen Williams; 1949 – 1969
  • Professor A. D. Carr; 1966 – 2006
  • Ann Benwell (Joint Editor); 2011-2013
  • David Longley, 2007 – 2014
  • Dr Lowri Ann Rees 2015 – 2018
  • Editorial committee led by Frances Lynch Llewellyn 2019
  • Leona Huey 2020 – 2021

Current Editor:
Dr Sylvia Pinches