Anglesey Bibliography

Mr. Dewi O Jones, F.L.A. compiled a Bibliography of Anglesey which was published by the Gwynedd Library Service in 1979. It is an essential starting point in searching for information about the history of the Island. The bibliography is out of print and is made available online by the Society as part of our Centenary Celebrations. It lists secondary sources published on Anglesey subjects which appeared in print before 31 December 1977. The scope of the bibliography and the sources consulted are set out in the Introduction to the Bibliography .

The original bibliography had a very complicated arrangement. There were a number of indexes which referred to a number. That number is retained in this database as the Bib_Ref.

The primary section of the bibliography contained over 5,000 numbered entries organised in 3 parts

  • Section A: Anglesey – A general list in subject order, nos 1 – 2712
  • Section B: Parishes – listed in alphabetical order of parish and then by subject, nos 2800 – 4418
  • Section C: Biographical sources – listed in alphabetical order of Biographee, nos 4419 – 5071
    (The number of entries in the database is over 8,500 as some numbered entries had multiple parts to them)

Digitised Indexes: Section A – Subject -:- Section B – Parish -:- Section C – Biography

The original bibliography had an Index of authors which referred to an item number which was then used to look up the entry in the bibliography. You do not need to do that in this index but the number has been retained in the database and is shown as its Bib_Ref.

The original bibliography did not have an index to the item description which contained the title and associated bibliographical information. Any search you make automatically includes the item description (shown as Title etc in the tables).