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– Owain Thelwall Parry Roberts (Obituary). 2017; pvii-viii

A History of the Island of Anglesey – to which are added, Memoirs of Owen Glendower. Reprinted by Llyfrau Magma, Llansadwrn (Review by T.P.T. Williams, Llandegfan) 2007 p129-130

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2009, 2009 p4-5

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2011, 2011 p8-9

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2012, 2012 p5-6

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2013, 2013 p7-8

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2014, 2014 p5-6

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2015, 2015/16 pix-x

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2016, 2015/16 pxi-xiii

Annual Report of the Committee for the year ended 31st March, 2017, 2017; px-xi

ap Huw, Maredudd Henry Rowland’s lost geological tract – a bibliographical postcript 2008 p109-112

Beaumaris, the town’s story/Biwmares, stori’r dref, Magma Books, 1996. (Review by A.D. Carr) 1997 p100

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Cymru a’r Môr/Maritime Wales Nos 10-14, Gwynedd Archives and Museums Service, 1986-91. (Review by A.D. Carr) 1992 p138-140

Cymru a’r Môr/Maritime Wales Nos 19-25, Gwynedd Archives and Museums Service, 1997-8. (Review by A.D. Carr) 2004 p85-86

Cymru a’r Môr/Maritime Wales Nos 26-27, Gwynedd Archives and Museums Service, 1997-8. (Review by A.D. Carr) 2007 p121-122

Cymru a’r Môr/Maritime Wales Nos 30-31, Gwynedd Archives and Museums Service, 2009-2010. (Review by A.D. Carr); 2010, p117-118.

Dictionary of the Place-names of Wales, Hywel Wyn Owen and Richard Morgan: Gomer Press, Llandysul, 2007. (Review by T.P.T. Williams, Llandegfan) 2008 p113-116

Kyffin: a figure in a Welsh landscape, Ian Skidmore; Seren, Bridgend, 2008 (Review by Leslie Jones, Colwyn Bay) 2008 p117-120

Kyffin: Sir Kyffin Williams OBE RA Compiled by Robert Williams: Oriel Ynys Môn, Rhosmeirch 2008 (Review by Leslie Jones, Colwyn Bay) 2008 p117-120

Kyffin Williams: Bro a Bywyd / His Life, His Land, Edited by David Meredith; Cyhoeddiadau Barddas, 2008 (Review by Leslie Jones, Colwyn Bay) 2008 p117-120

Penrhyn Castle, The National Trust, 1991. (Review by Nancy Briggs) 1993 p109-111

The Farmer’s Tales: The Life Story of John Richard Rowlands, Talwrn, Anglesey, Gwynedd County Council Department of Culture and Leisure: Archives and Museums, 1992. (Review by W.P. Griffith) 1994 p124-126

Parys Mountain and the Lentin Letters, Translated by Nancy Rothwell. Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust, 2007 (Review by Owain T.P. Roberts, Amlwch) 2007 p128

The Society’s Chronicle 2000-2001
Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2000-2001 2001 p6-7

The Society’s Chronicle 2001-2002/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2001-2002 2002 p6-7

The Society’s Chronicle 2002-2003/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2002-2003 2003 p6-7

The Society’s Chronicle 2003-2004/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2003-2004 2004 p8-9

The Society’s Chronicle 2004-2005/.Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2004-2005 2005 p8-9

The Society’s Chronicle 2005-2006/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2005-2006 2006 p8-9

The Society’s Chronicle 2006-2007/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2006-2007 2007 p6-7

The Society’s Chronicle 2007-2008/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2007-2008 2008 p6-7

The Society’s Chronicle 2010-2011/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2010-2011 2011 p10-11

The Society’s Chronicle 2011-2012/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2011-2012 2012 p7-8

The Society’s Chronicle 2012-2013/Cronicl y Gymdeithas 2012-2013 2013 p9-10

Aldhouse-Green, Dr. Stephen – The Lithic finds In A Funerary and Ceremonial Centre at Capel Eithin, Gaerwen, Anglesey: 1999 p68-75

Anglesey, The Marquess of – The Gardens at Plas Newydd 1991 p39-44

Barnes, F.A. – Goronwy Owen, Y Dafarn Goch and Gibraltar 1988 p43-82

Barnes, F.A. – Land Tenure and Landscape in Llanynghenedl, Anglesey 1988 p31-114

Bennett, J.S. and Williams, C.J. – Pearl Shaft Engine-House, Mona Mine, Parys Mountain 2000 p39-59

Benwell, Ann – Intriguing Place-Name elements: [i]elen/helen/el, wig, fagwyr[/i], 2012 p57-65

Benwell, Ann – The meaning of Môn; 2007, p115-117.

Benwell, Ann – More Anglesey Place-names: Bwlch y Daran, Erddreiniog, Cors y Bwlfri, Rhosmynach, Mynachdy; 2010, p104-109.

Benwell, Ann – Stori Talwrn / The story of Talwrn. pp.136. £7.50 (Review by Huw Pritchard) 2002 p92-93

Benwell, Ann – Who were the Saints? A linguistic snslysis of some Anglesey Church Dedications and of the Origins of the Clas 2009 p33-50

Benwell, G. Ann – The river Nodwydd and the Three Leaps, Pentraeth 2002 p85-88

Benwell, Ann – Three Anglesey Place-names – Talwrn, Llanfair-yn-neubwll, Llannerch-y-medd 2008 p103-107

Benwell, G.A. and R.M. – The Ring and the Book: Insights Into Nonconformist Society in Late Nineteenth Century Anglesey 2001 p31-41

Benwell, R.M. and G.A. – Housing in the Parish of Llanddyfnan, 1743-1841 1994 p55-79

Benwell, R.M., E.A. and G.A. A Householder’s Schedule from the 1881 Census 1992 p133-136

Boyle, S.D. – Survey and Excavation at Towyn y Capel, Trearddur Bay 1991 p15-21

Bradbury, Margaret – Penannular Brooch at Ty’n y Coed, Pentraeth 2007 p118-120

Brigstocke, Alison – An Eighteenth century parish and its port: Llanbedr-Goch and the port of Red Wharf 2003 p22-33

Brigstocke, Alison – Melin y Marchog (alias Melin Castellbwlchgwyn) and its associated lands, 1352-1890 1998 p23-33

Brown, Roger L. – ‘Yr hen Friscoe’: Thomas Briscoe, Vicar of Holyhead 1857-1895 2002 p62-68

Caffell, Siôn – Anglesey Antiquarian Society Website, 2011 p119-121

Carr, A.D. – The Black Death in Anglesey; 2010, p26-42

Carr, A.D. – The Bondmen of Penrhosllugwy: a community’s complaint 1988 15-29

Carr, A.D. – Forty Years On: a Valediction 2006 p13-14

Carr, A.D. – Four centuries of scholarship 2004 p65-76

Carr, A.D. – Helen Ramage 1992 p17-19

Carr, A.D. – Historians and Anglesey 2011 p56-75

Carr, A.D. – Idris Davies OBE JP LLB, 1916-2005 2006 p11-12

Carr, A.D. – Maredudd ap Cynwrig: a medieval public person 1998 p13-21

Carr, A.D – The Marquess of Anglesey, 1922-2013, 2013 p11-12

Carr, A.D. – The Penmon Valor 1374 2005 p13-19

Carr, A.D. – Three-Quarters of a Century 1986 p13-18

Carr, A.D. – Tomos Roberts, 1946-2013, 2013 p13

Carr, A.D. – Tregarnedd 1992 p21-50

Carr, Glenda – Hen Enwau o Ynys Môn (Caernarfon: Gwas y Bwthyn, 2015), (adolygiad gan Gareth Huws). 2015/16 p146-147

Chambers, Professor Frank – Soil Pollen In A Funerary and Ceremonial Centre at Capel Eithin, Gaerwen, Anglesey: 1999 p113-115

Chambers, Llywelyn G. – Richard Morris on William Jones 1999 p113-115

Chapman, H.S. – From Llanfair to Fairhaven 2004 p81-79

Chapman, H.S. – A grooved stone maul from Bodlew, Llanddaniel 2002 p89-91

Chapman, H.S., and Roberts, R.H. A – Quernstone fron Llangoed 1997 p95-97

Collinson, Marc – Nuclear power and historical change: Wylfa, 2018 p97-104

Conway, Dr. J.S. – The Petrography pf the Pottery In A Funerary and Ceremonial Centre at Capel Eithin, Gaerwen, Anglesey: 1999 p91-100

Conway, Dr. J.S. Conway – Environmental Evidence In A Funerary and Ceremonial Centre at Capel Eithin, Gaerwen, Anglesey: 1999 p107-109

Cowell, J.B. – Anglesey Cricket in the Nineteenth Century 1990 p84-94

Cowell, J.B. – Edwardian Anglesey: a Pictorial History, published by the author, 1991. (Review by Pat Benneyworth) 1992 p141-143

Cowell, John – Llanfairpwll Post Office 1997 p37-47

Cowell, John – A Mail Coach Time-bill of 1815 2006 p35-39

Cowell, John – Margaret Hughes (Obituary). 2017; pix

Davidson, Andrew -Holyhead harbour: 1810-1838, 2018 p58-84

Davidson, Andrew – Towyn y Capel, Trearddur Bay 2008 p96-102

Davies, Gareth M. (ed.) – A Coast of Soccer Memories, 1894-1994: the centenary book of the North Wales Football Association. published by the author, 1994. (Review by W.P.Griffith) 1996 p98-100

Davies, Idris – Dr. W. Parry-Jones 1987 p17

Davies, Idris – Lord Anglesey 1991 p13-14

Davies, Idris and Jones, Dewi O. – The Venerable Evan Gilbert Wright 1995 p11-12

Davies, J. Ifor – The Caernarvon County School: a History, Gwynedd Archives and Museums Service, 1989. (Review by J.R. Brooks) 1991 p86-89

Davies, K and Williams, C.J. – The Greenfield Valley, Holywell Town Council, 1986. (Review by W.P. Griffith) 1987 p123-124

Davies, P.C. – An Anglesey naval captain of the Eighteenth century: The short but bright career of William Paget 2003 p10-21

Davies, Russell – People, Places and Passions – ‘Pain and Pleasure’: A Social History of Wales and the Welsh 1870-1945 (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2015), review by Lowri Ann Rees. 2015/16; p148-150

Davies, William – The Sea and the Sand, Gwynedd Archives and Museum Service, 1988. (Review by A. Giles Jones) 1989 p101-102

Dunn, Margaret – The case of the Reverend John Owen, Lunatic (1752-1815) 2007 p40-52

Dyer, Alan – Celebrating One Hundred Years of the Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Field Club, 2011 p116-118

Edwards, Elizabeth – Archipelagic Anglesey: costal contexts for Romantic-period poetry and travel writing. 2015/16; p100-113

Edwards, Nancy – Anglesey in the Early Middle Ages: the Archaeological Evidence 1986 p19-41

Elis-Williams, M. – Port of Beaumaris, Gwynedd Archives Service, 1988. (Review by D. M. Loades) 1989 p102-105

Ellis, Susan C. – Observations of Anglesey life through the Quarter Sessions Rolls 1860-1869 1986 p117-146

Evans, David R.A. – The Music Manuscripts of Thomas Jones of Llanfaethlu: a preliminary examination 1996 p45-65

Evans, E.D. – Robert Jones (1686-1711) 1989 p95-98

Evans, Robin – Bwhwman mewn tywyllwch dudew: Crefydd ac addysg ym mhlwyf Llanallgo yn ystod ail hanner y Ddeunawfed ganrif 2003 p35-47

Evans, Robin – Chwarae Plat 2001 p44-58

Evans, Robin. – Coxswain John Matthews a’r ‘George Wade” 2006 p81-86

Evans, Robin. – Dwr 2005 p51-62

Evans, Robin – Ofnadwy Nos 1997 p49-62

Evans, Robin – Pysgotwyr Moelfre: Y Traddodiad Llafar 1995 p35-56

Fairlamb, Neil – A lady visitor to Anglesey, 16-21 August 1824. 2015/16; p143-145

Fairlamb, Neil – Anglesey and the Incorporated Church Building Society, 2014 p14-30

Fairlamb, Neil – The Wine Trade, Social and Economic, of North Wales c.1600-c.1900 (Review by Robin Grove-White, Llanfechell), 2014 p114-115

Fasham, P.J. – Investigations in 1985 by R.B.White at Castle Meadows, Beaumaris 1992 p123-130

Francis, Dewi B. – Master Mariner: Captain William Henry Hughes DSCBridge Books, Wrecsam, 2006 (Review by Owain T.P. Roberts, Amlwch) 2007 p123-124

Gray, Madeline – The Brass of Richard and Elizabeth Bulkeley in Beaumaris: Some New Light on the Reformation in Wales; 2010, p9-25

Gray, Madeleine – Decoding the ‘Bulkeley’ tomb in Beaumaris; 2015/16, p1-26

Gray, Madeline – Four Weddings, Three Funerals and a Historic Detective Puzzle, 2014 p31-46 [Link={e_DOWNLOAD}BeaumarisEffigy-CorrectedText-Photos.pdf]
Corrected version, including all superscript numbering of endnotes available here.[/link]

Grey, Hermon – The Marquess and the Pearl 1993 p55-67

Griffith, W.P. – The Beginning of Anglesey County Council 1888-92: a preliminary account 1990 p95-125

Griffith, W.P. (gol.) – ‘Ysbryd Dealltwrus ac Enaid Anfarwol’: Ysgrifau ar Hanes Crefydd yng Ngwynedd, Canolfan Uwch-Efrydiau Crefydd yng Nghymru, Prifysgol Cymru, Bangor, 1999. (Adolygiad gan J. Gwynfor Jones) 2000 p78-80

Griffiths, Ralph – The Island of Anglesey and the Wider World: 1300-1550, 2011 p76-92

Grove-White, Robin – Anglesey Sheriffs, Past and Present 2012 p9-20

Grove-White, Robin – Obituary – Chas Parry Jones. 2015/16; pviii

Grove-White, Robin – George Borrow’s Anglesey visit of 1854. 2015/16; p114-123

Grove-White, Robin – Hugh Hughes and late sixteenth-century Anglesey: the public life of an Elizabethan Welshman 2013 p39-50

Grove-White, Robin – Jostling for land: Uchewlwyr in conflict in Elizabethan Menai – Part 1. 2017; p10-27

Grove-White, Robin – Jostling for land: Uchewlwyr in conflict in Elizabethan Menai – Part ii. 2018; p1-16

Grove-White, Robin – Plas Coch & Hugh Hughes 2007 p95-112

Gruffydd, R. Geraint – Michael Roberts o Fôn a Beibl Bach 1630 1989 p25-41

Gwyn, David – Anglesey’s ghost railway revisited 2002 p16-22

Hale, T.T.M. – Rhosneigr: People & Places, Sheffield: Rhosneigr Publishing, 2017 (Review by Marc Collinson), 2018 p105-106

Harding, John – ‘The Mini Castles of Wales’: Pillboxes in Anglesey 2001 p59-70

Harper, Sally – Robert Ap Huw and His Manuscipt of Harp Music 2000 p7-20

Hennessaey, Angela – Holyhead: 1845-1865: The Town, The People, and the People’s Health 2000 p61-75

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Hopewell, David – Cemlyn Roman Signal Station, 2014 p109-113

Hughes, Elen Wyn – A summary of the Baron Hill Further Additional Collection at the University of Wales, Bangor 1998 p79-86

Hughes, Lalla see Williams, T.P.T. and Hughes, Lalla

Hughes, Lesley – The Anglesey Hunt (1757-1957) 2005 p21-29

Hughes, Lesley – The Diary of the Reverend Robert E Jones 2008 p49-75

Hughes, Margaret – A Female Slant 2013 p108-111

Hughes, Margaret – Anglesey’s Islands, photography by J.C. Davies (Llanwrst: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2015), review by Gary Robinson. 2015/16; p147148

Hughes, Margaret – Passing the Message, 2012 p71-74

Huws, Gareth – Sir John Thomas Stanley’s Rental of 1823: An analysis of the Penrhos Estate of Holyhead in Anglesey, 2018 p17-29

Ifans, Rhiannon (gol.) – Gwaith Syr Dafydd Trefor (Review by Sara Elin Roberts) 2005 p21-29

James, Gerwyn – The Children of Anglesey and the Great War, 1914-18, 2014 p47-75

James, Gerwyn – Llanfair Rovers: Hanes Blynyddoedd Cynnar Clwb Pêl-droed Llanfair OG: 1897-1905; 2010, p85-103.

James, Gerwyn – ‘Lles mawr i ardal amaethyddol’ neu ‘Meithrinfa i ffolineb ac anystyriaeth’? Hanes yr Ymrysonfeydd Aredig ym Môn cyn y Rhyfel Mawr (The Ploughing Matches of Anglesey before the Great War), 2015/16; p79-99

Jenkins, Geraint H. – Fresh Light on the Characters of Dr. Thomas Bowles 1991 p67-73

Johnston, Charlotte – The Morris Letters 1993 p19-38

Johnstone, Neil – Excavations at Osbourne House, Beaumaris 1997 p91-94

Jones, Alun R. – Lewis Morris, Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, Caerdydd 2004 (Review by Prys Morgan) 2005 p69-71

Jones, Alun R. – Stern satire in the free metre works of Lewis Morris 1998 p35-51

Jones, Bedwyr L. – Pedwar Porthcorwg 1986 p199-201

Jones, Bedwyr Lewis – Place-names; Signposts to the past in Anglesey 1991 p23-37

Jones, Bedwyr Lewis – Porth Swtan 1988 p175-176

Jones, Bedwyr Lewis – Ty-Llychwyn, Llanfair-yn-neubwll 1992 p131-132

Jones, D. Cecil – Underwater Anglesey: Perspectives on a maritime cultural landscape 2002 p69-84

Jones, D. Cecil – Wreck Fever in Anglesey: Some notes on the interpretation of submarine antiques 1986 p193-198

Jones, Dafydd Glyn – The Problems of Building a School 2001 p11-30

Jones, Dafydd Glyn – Stori Dylwyth Teg o Fôn 1995 p83-86

Jones, Dafydd Glyn- Stori Dylwyth Teg o Fôn: Nodyn Ychwanegol 1996 p97

Jones, Dafydd Glyn – Un o Wyr y Medra: Bywyd a Gwaith William Williams Llandygai (1738-1817), Gwasg Gee, 1999. (Adolygiad gan Prys Morgan) 2000 p80-82

Jones, Doris Elizabeth – Griffith – Ty Wridyn: First Wife of Lewis Morris 1995 p23-33

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Jones, Erin Lloyd – New visitor information at Holy Island historic sites. 2017; p49-52

Jones, Erin Lloyd – Rediscovering skilled workers and their legacy at Beaumaris Castle. 2015/16; p124-137

Jones, Evan J. – The enclosure movement in Anglesey 1788-1866 2002 p23-61

Jones, Evan J. – The enclosure movement in Anglesey 1788-1866 (Part II) 2003 p48-99

Jones, Glyn E. – ‘Glosau’ Cymraeg mewn copi o lysieulyfr Culpeper 1988 p167-173

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Jones, J. Graham – Lady Megan Lloyd George and Anglesey Politics, 1945-51 1994 p81-113

Jones, J. Graham – Lady Megan’s First Parliamentary Contest: the Anglesey Election of 1929 1992 p107-122

Jones, J. Graham – Letter From Lady Megan 2001 p71-82

Jones, J. Gwynfor – Concepts of Continuity and Change in Anglesey after the Acts of Union, 1536-1603 1990 p22-57

Jones, John Ellis – Roman Coins from Cemais on the North Anglesey Coast 1990 p14-21

Jones, John Ellis – Two Romano-British Bronze Oxhead Bucket-Handle Mounts from Dinas, Holyhead 1987 p19-26

Jones, Matt – St Ffinan’s Church, Llanffinan, Anglesey 2013 p113-114

Jones, Matthew – A Second Step in the North Wales Watch Tower System? 2009 p119-121

Jones, P.A. – Computers and the Quarter Sessions 1988 p107-118

Jones, Peter Hope – The Spread of woodland on Ynys Seiriol 1997 p63-68

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Jones, Siôn Edward – Exploring Bangor University Archives: Anglesey sources. 2015/16; p138-142

Kelcey, John – Notes on the Natural History of an Anglesey Garden 2005 p31-50

Kelcey, John G. – The Plant and Animal Species, Fungi and Other Organisms Recorded on Ynys Môn 1900-1999 2006 p53-80

Kenney, Jane – An excavation at Hedd yr Ynys, Lôn Fron, Llangefni in Summer 2016. 2017; p53-55

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