Subject Index

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You can search the subject index to the Transactions for the period 1911-1985 in two ways:
1) You can enter a word or pair of words in the Search box. Or,
2) You can view a list of entries by the first letter of the Primary Subject in the Index by clicking on the letter of your choice in the A-Z list.

It was not possible with the original printed Index to identify the article that the indexed subject term referred to without physically checking the Transactions themselves. If you make a note of the Item Ref(s) relating to the result(s) of your Subject search you can use the Item Ref search option to identify the author and title of the article that contained the subject term.

Note concerning Diacritics. In order to correctly display diacritics on characters returned from the database they have had to be coded in the database using their Unicode character codes. This means that if you want to search for a word which contains a diacritic then you must include the Unicode in your search string.
Diacritic characters that may occur in the index and their unicodes are shown below. (don't forget the semi colon at the end!)


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