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You can help the Society financially if you buy books or any other items from by following this link to Amazon. The items you buy cost no more than if you logged into Amazon directly.

The Society can earn up to 15% of the sale price of books on Anglesey featured by Amazon - The selection is determined by them and may change each time you access or refresh the page. (If the Amazon link page does not display properly click on your browser's Refresh Page button until it does).

The Society can also earn 5% on anything else you purchase from Amazon via this link. Use the search facilities provided by Amazon to find items you may wish to buy in the normal way.

Should you wish to buy a book published by the Society from Amazon they will charge you an additional handling charge of £1.99 (excluding VAT). It is usually cheaper for you, and better for us, to buy direct from the Society using our order form or on line via PayPal.

Please Note The Society accepts no responsibility for items purchased from Amazon using this facility.

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